Best File Format/Settings for Uploading Video

What's the best type of video file format and/or video/audio quality settings for a story to display well on

For example, why does Greg O'Toole's story look so pixelated?

[Answer coming soon from FloatLeft!]

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yo Danielle, I was excited to find Best File Format/Settings for Uploading Video, but without any content! I'd think this would be a NUMBER ONE PRIORITY TOPIC for those of us busily posting videos these days. I am struggling to figure out how to convert my .dv 1.5 G story into less than 100 MB without it looking pretty pitiful. How about at least some quick info? Thanks, kk

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Hi kk,

I have created the help topic that Danielle alludes to here:

Unfortunately, I can't provide help with compressing DV video. Compressing video into a small, quality file is a complex task and depends on the computer software you are using.

Digital Stories often use a computer program to create a video of still images with a narrative audio, and therefore don't face the challenge that you're facing with compressing video captured with a DV camera.

You might try posting a question to the community on our forums, but you would probably have better luck using Google to find help and information specific to the software you're using.

Good luck!



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Hi! I think the easiest time/way to compress your story is when you make it. In pretty much any software you have the option to export it as a compressed file--what software are you using? You can always reimport your big file and then export it again as a compressed file, and you may want to see which format gets you the best quality. If you've got it, using a software like Cleaner is great because you can batch compress a whole bunch of stories at once. Put a bit more about your platform/software options and we can help you figure out what works for you.