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Thanks for sharing your personal story. This is a great example of narrative. It starts with the back-story of your parent's purchase of a restaurant and how that changed your life. If focuses on packing things into boxes and reflecting on how much (information) can be assocaiated with one thing, moment or person. You use the power of your voice to covey the love of those with whom you became an extended family member. You tie your beginning to the (moment)end with the framed first dollar made. You honor your parents. The music has been well selected and brought to the foreground just at the right moment. Well done. Well done. Bud Deihl

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Dear Cheryl, Thanks so much for sharing your story. I love the way you set the pans to move so slowly over most of the photos. It made me think of Ken Burns' comments about how much better stills are than moving video for allowing the mind to rest and reflect on what is being said in the voiceover. And then you have the nice contrast with the series of stills of regular customers, which go by quickly, creating a very different mood.

Warm regards, Fred

--Fred MindlinDigital Storyteller

Your story has really touched me! I hope now everything is ok?