South Side Story: Urban Changes in South Phoenix

Digital ethnography inspired by my interdisciplinary urban studies course, Learning From South Phoenix, a collaborative research adventure into the dramatically changing urban culture and social space of South Phoenix, Arizona. Historically disparaged, redlined and disinvested, this Black and Latino neighborhood close to the city's core has been recently "discovered" by developers of residential subdivisions. Property valuations have increased at the highest rate in metropolitan Phoenix and services that long-eluded this former barrio/ghetto have suddenly proved viable. The new well-heeled homebuyers bring interests often at odds with those of long-term residents. It is as yet undetermined whether these latter are at risk of displacement due to the gentrification of their community. After you watch the story, check out the students' web portfolios of their research observations and analyses at Created at the Center for Digital Storytelling Bootcamp in Sedona, June 2003.

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