We Are Adult Education: Making Our Voices Heard

What is the value of Adult Education?  Why is it important to our communities, state, and country? In 2003, faced with a budget deficit, the Arizona State Legislature recommended complete elimination of state funding for adult education and family literacy.  The crisis marked the begining of a remarkable learning process about government and civic participation. 

Adult learners and allies decided to take action and fight to restore the funding.  Through letters, petitions, assemblies, and meetings with public officials, adult learners came together and spoke out about their lives.  They shared their stories of struggle and success as they worked to educate decision-makers and the community about the value of adult education.

Told through the voices of students, community members, and public officials, this is a success story about the power of democracy in the hands of adult learners.



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I love the quote and how you used it for the story. There is a lot to the story - I'm glad you posted it.