Stories are incredibly powerful tools for healing and making connections. Right now, so many of us need both.

We’re putting the tools and opportunities for making, editing and sharing multimedia stories about important issues in the hands of the experts: the people who experience those issues directly. We’re starting with true stories about how our lives have been impacted by the pandemic here in Tucson, AZ.

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  • “Virtual”

    A college instructor’s journey converting in-person chemistry classes to virtual instruction during the covid pandemic. The story discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of virtual classroom instruction during the covid pandemic.

  • “Soñador”

    Soñador is a story about an immigrant family experience during the pandemic of 2020. This story begins with 2 parents who have a dream of giving their children a better future. Then the dream of a first generation college student to graduate from university is accomplished in the middle of a global crisis.

  • “My Mother, Myself”

    How covid and my mother’s dementia affected our relationship and our lives.

  • “Home”

    Rhiannon’s story of finding housing security during the instability of covid.

  • “Growing up”

    A story about graduating high school in May 2020, struggling with health anxiety, depression, and finding and using gardens to cope, heal, and grow.

  • “Art Heals”

    Cut off from her regular outlets for creativity and communication, an artist finds new ways to express her experiences and feelings during covid.

  • “The Real Voyage”

    This is a story of how the onset of the Covid Pandemic affected my plans to start a new business; a business that was one of the first businesses to be affected by the new global virus. And how, as the world shut down, the real voyage of discovery was within my local landscapes. I was seeing it with new eyes.

  • “I Don’t Want to Break it!”

    This is a story about overcoming struggles with technology and mental health during Covid. It highlights the importance of digital literacy equity.

  • “Call to Action”

    This story is about my grief for many losses, but mainly my brother’s loss and how I decided to make it a call to action.

  • “Silence and Light”

    The early days of the pandemic were so disorienting. Beyond the noise of news – the nightly crescendo of fear and suffering – a silence emerged. A quiet filled at first with discomfort that eventually changed to appreciation. Gratitude. And loss.

  • “Unexpected Loss”

    This story is about how our lives changed due to the Covid Pandemic. It’s about people who were healthy before Coronavirus and died when their family members didn’t expect it.It’s about the sadness and grief that family members and friends suffered for not being able to be with their loved ones during the last days of their lives because of COVID restrictions.

  • “Sueños, Planes y Realidad”

    Es una breve sintesis de algunas experiencias vividas durante la pandemia, sobre planes que no pudieran concretarse por la llegada del virus y relatos de algunas actividades que me ayudaron en esos momentos.

  • “Pandemic Rhythm”

    This story is about making new rhythms and identities, seeking helpers and habits, and finding home by processing loss and dreams during the pandemic.

  • “347 Days/347 Dias”

    After a hard loss of my mom’s mom (my grandma) Covid 19 gave me the opportunity to heal and share quality time with my mom. Después de la inesperada muerte de la mamá de mi mamá (mi abuelita), Covid 19 me dio la oportunidad de sanar y de compartir tiempo de calidad con mi mamá.

  • “Determination”

    How the Covid 19 pandemic affected my family and I, and the good things that came out of it.

Digital stories are short multimedia first-person stories told with your own voice, your own images and your own editing choices.

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